Tire Rotation Service in Buena Park

Tire Rotation Service in Buena Park

Get a Tire Rotation at Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park

Tire rotations should be done on a regular basis to improve fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, vehicle handling, and maneuverability. Visit us at Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park if you are in or near the Santa Ana, Los Angeles, or Buena Park areas, and let our service professionals perform a simple test to identify if a tire rotation is required. We’ll examine and rotate your wheels if necessary so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Tire Treadwear

Tire treadwear is about a lot more than how often you need to replace your tires. The rate at which tires degrade determines how quickly they go from offering optimal grip to losing their capacity to redirect water and avoid hydroplaning. Treadwear is an issue in terms of cost, convenience, and safety. Tips to reduce tire treadwear are as follows:

  • Monitor and Maintain Air Pressure: Tires gradually lose air pressure. Tires can equally distribute the force from the vehicle to the road when properly inflated. When a tire is either over-or under-inflated, it cannot make proper contact with the road, and sections of the tread begin to wear more quickly and unevenly.
  • Rotating Your Tires: Tire rotation is essential for extending tire life. Because the front tires bear the majority of braking and steering forces, they wear out more quickly than the rear tires. You can assist guide all four tires wear more evenly if you rotate them on a regular basis.
  • Proper Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment issues and an old or damaged suspension can easily eat through a tire. When you get your tires changed, we recommend having your alignment checked. Wheel alignment ensures ideal drivability while also extending the life of your tires and making your car drive more smoothly.
  • Adjusting Driving Habits: You can’t completely eliminate tire wear, but you can avoid driving actions that hasten the wear. Curves taken too quickly might wear off the edges of your front tires. Hitting a pothole can cause tire leaks and wear, as well as cause alignment issues. Slowing down and keeping an eye out for road damage or anything on the road that could harm your tires will help them last longer and wear more evenly.

Maintaining Vehicle Balance

One of the suggested services specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual is tire balancing. Tire balancing, which is often mistaken with wheel alignment, is critical for ensuring the optimum performance of a vehicle and obtaining the longest tire service life. By appropriately correcting the tire weight distribution around the vehicle, tire balancing ensures a smooth ride and even tire wear. Wheel alignment, which incorporates the angle of the wheels and their relationship to the ground, is not the same as tire balance. Your tires lose balance as you drive, so you’ll need to have them balanced on a regular basis. Treadwear changes the weight distribution around the tire, resulting in an imbalance. As you drive, you may experience odd shaking or vibration when the vehicle is becoming unbalanced.


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