GM Ultium Batteries

GM Ultium Batteries


GM Ultium Batteries

General Motors is moving forward as a leader in zero emissions where every vehicle is powered by electricity. Experts forecast that EV volumes are expected to reach around three million units on average in less than a decade – by 2030. GM supports that prediction with a new modular platform and Ultium batteries, which were unveiled recently.

GM showcased the new technology at an event at GM Design Dome in Warren, Michigan. Almost 2000 interested parties participated in the week-long event and the opportunity to see the technology in person.

The platform is a flexible one, with the ability to produce cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and even commercial models on this modular battery and drive unit combination platform. When the platform is combined with the GM Ultium batteries, it could support either front- or rear-wheel drive and even all-wheel drive. Energy ranges can go from 50 to over 200 kWh. It is estimated that the vehicle could travel up to 450 miles on a single charge with the ability to go from zero to 60 mph in about three seconds.

Ultium batteries will be produced in partnership with LG Energy Solution. These batteries will feature high-energy cells optimized for a range of electric vehicles. Engineers are working with scientists to lower the cost of batteries and increase charging times to make them more practical for the average buyer.

How Batteries Work

Energy cells are banded together to make a battery module, which is combined with other modules to build a battery pack. This pack has a flat shape that can be stacked, allowing for more options with positioning and less wasted space on a vehicle.

Ultium batteries can be stacked vertically or horizontally with vertical stacks being ideal for trucks and SUVs while horizontal stacks are the best option for cars and performance models. One feature that makes Ultium batteries innovative is digital programming. The system could digitally update these battery modules.

A modular drive unit allows for drive variations, including front, rear, and all-wheel drive. This platform is the first to support both front and rear wheel drive with a single design.

Benefits for Buyers

This innovative technology allows GM to manufacture electric vehicles at a lower cost, making them more affordable for a wider range of budgets. The design will also be more flexible since there is less space needed for battery packs. Designers can create more space for passengers or cargo with bolder exteriors that not only look stylish but improve aerodynamics.

GM brands, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC will be launching new electric models in the near future. The goal is to have EVs across every segment to fit every kind of driver. The Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant is the first plant for GM to be dedicated solely to producing EV models.

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