California Hybrid/EV Laws and Incentives

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California Hybrid/EV Laws and Incentives

Hybrid/Electric Laws & Incentives in California

Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park is excited to supply Chevrolet EVs and Hybrids to the local populations around the region. In doing our part to support the growth of alternative vehicles, we also are helping the environment in order to make California a great place to live. As the market for EVs and hybrids explode across the region, it’s important to familiarize yourself with many of the different aspects of owning an electric vehicle. These include the benefits of owning an electric car, federal and statewide initiatives, and what an all-electric future looks like for our local residents of Fullerton, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and more.

California Is Going Electric

California has taken outstanding strides towards gearing the sale of automobiles towards an all-electric future. The goals are very high, but with the cooperation of automakers as well as innovations in research and development there’s no limit on what we can accomplish. By 2035, California aims to have 100% of sales of passenger vehicles to be sold as zero-emission cars, trucks, and SUVs. The state government receives regular updates on progress, along with developing the state’s supporting infrastructure. The state is also has put forth a large number of grants, funds, directives, and incentives to help local companies, researchers, and community organizations gear themselves towards a lower-emission footprint.

Benefits for You

In California, there is a huge range of benefits that can be utilized simply by owning a hybrid or electric vehicle depending on where you live. You can make those errands just a little easier by being offered free parking in some locations in designated EV/Hybrid spaces. Also, many urban cities or expanding areas are looking to put you in the fast lane by offering you access to HOV lanes or even free access to toll roads. Check at your local DMV for details regarding your Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) designation sticker so you can access these great benefits. There are non-tangible benefits as well, and depending on local, state, or even federal regulations there may be tax benefits, financial rebates, and even insurance breaks for owning an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Commercial Benefits

The benefit of going zero-emissions doesn’t end at just the consumer level, but many commercial entities are also looking ahead towards a greener future. The State of California also supports businesses in their journey for cleaner air. There are certain rebates available for businesses using hybrid and electric vehicles for their fleets, as well as leasing eligible vehicles for company use. There are several federal and possibly local municipality benefits with the help of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program.

How Chevrolet Is Helping

Chevrolet jumps on the EV train with the release of the Chevy Bolt. While the vehicle isn’t new, it continues to make enormous strides in electric vehicle technology. The popular hatchback is among the most popular and affordable electric cars available, and the release of the Chevy Bolt EUV has wowed audiences across the nation with an all-new level of size and capability. The Bolt, along with the entirety of the Chevrolet brand, looks ahead to the future with a new generation of electric vehicle technology.