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High Mileage Service at Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park

We all know the expense involved in purchasing new vehicles, so Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park understands if you want to keep your vehicle on the road as long as possible.  The key to doing this is regular maintenance. Even if your vehicle has high mileage, you can keep it on the road longer with proper maintenance.  Below are some mile markers to give you a better idea of what to do along the way to extend your vehicle’s life.

120,000 Miles

To make it this far, you need to take care of your vehicle.  If it has reached this milestone, then you will want to have the following components checked and serviced if needed.

  • Spark Plugs: The plasma of the spark wears out electrodes in time.
  • Decoupler Pulleys: This component helps reduce vibration and increase engine efficiency.
  • 02 Sensors: combustion byproducts can slow down fuel mixture responses.
  • A/C: This is like a clutch between engine and transmission, and it can wear out and slip.
  • Belt Tensioner: a worn tensioner can cause the belt to jump.
  • Coolant: can start to lose the ability to control corrosion and pH factor.
  • Alignment: This needs to be done more often as vehicles get older to monitor suspension issues.
  • Transmission fluid: changing fluid regularly slows internal wear and tear.
  • Filters: This should be changed regularly to improve the function of engine components.
  • Shock and Struts: It is recommended that these are replaced every 50,000 miles.
  • Brake Fluid: replacement extends the life of calipers, master cylinder, and ABS modulator.
  • Combustion Chamber: If carbon deposits get too heavy, they can cause a lot of problems.

180,000 Miles

At this mileage level, wear between cylinder walls and piston rings will start to show, and gases from the combustion chamber and crankcase can cause carbon deposits and damage to the engine. So, these components should be checked and replaced as needed as well as the following items:

  • Drivetrain seals: seals on axles and driveshafts need to be checked regularly.
  • MAF Sensor: cleaning this can restore performance and fuel economy.
  • Headlights: need to be examined for damage and adjusted to shine with proper parameters.
  • Timing chain tensioners: these will wear out and become brittle over time from heat.
  • Power Steering Fluid: Like all fluids, this needs to be replaced to keep steering function high.
  • Engine and transmission mounts: If mountings get worn out, your engine can become unstable.
  • A/C: keep this clean and functional.

250,000 Miles

At this level, you will also want your catalytic converter, fuel injection system, A/C, and your chassis inspected for damage.  These components will likely need service or replacements when you have your car serviced.

To keep your vehicle functioning and to extend its life, be diligent in your maintenance. If you haven’t done any of these things to your vehicle, be sure that you get it serviced and inspected.  Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park can help you.  If your high mileage vehicle needs servicing, call or come by today to get your vehicle safely back on the road.